Your Coaches

We want to motivate, teach, lead, help and coach people to achieve their goals and improve their lifestyle. Our mission is to live by example in fitness and health, encouraging others to join the trend.


Miguel Vogeler (Owner & Head Coach)

Born in Venezuela, Miguel has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry and is a multi-sport athlete. From a young age, Miguel has always been involved with Body-weight Training, Strength Training , Martial Arts, Surfing, Snowboarding, Mountain Bike and fitness in general. Miguel is a specialist in body-weight training with individuals, small groups and classes - offering a fun and effective workout with a positive attitude.

Miguel is a member of Fitness Australia, certified PTA Personal Trainer, TRX Level 2 Coach, (TRX Suspension Training, Rip Training, Functional Training Modality and Sports Medicine). Also holds a ViPR Trainer certification is a Training For Warriors Level 1 Coach and Trigger Point Performance Therapy. Miguel specialises in Movement, Weight-Loss, Strength & Functional Training and is focused on accomplishing individual’s fitness goals.

T: +61 402 692 802


Marc Zumkeller (Operations Manager & Coach)

Marc’s passion has always been to help  people  become a better version of themselves.  Marc’s enthusiasm for health , bodyweight exercise  and muscle growth has made him an all-rounded personal trainer. Born in Switzerland, Military obligations taught teamwork, perseverance and to never let any team member behind, which Marc implements in his training style. Marc is experienced in Skiing, Martial Arts, BMX and enjoys participating in many other sports.

Marc is a member of Fitness Australia and obtains Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

T : +61 451 252 558
E :