5 Ways to Get Un-Stuck


5 ways to get un-stuck

Ever feel like you’re giving your best effort and just not getting the results you want in any area of life? Or maybe you feel like you just don’t have the motivation, commitment and drive right now to transform your body and your life.

If you’re feeling stuck, I’m here to help.

So, here are my top 5 ways you can get un-stuck:

1. Focus on the next right move. If you focus on the big picture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But by simply directing yourself to make the RIGHT decision (the one that brings you closer to your goal) in each moment will add up to big results that keep you motivated.

2. Devise a reward strategy. If you make the changes you desire and reach your goals, how will you reward yourself (not with food!)? It could be something as big as a holiday or as small as a massage.

3. Be real about the consequences of not changing. What are the bad things that will happen if you don’t achieve your goal? Let that sink in and drive you.

4. Make “DO IT ANYWAY” your motto. When you’re ready to talk yourself out of exercising or cooking dinner, LIVE this motto. So often we get lost rationalising poor choices in our heads. We have to do this to make accepting less than our best easier. Be aware of it and choose differently.

5. Increase your accountability. A good way of doing this is to ask a friend to join you. A GREAT way to do this is to hire a coach who believes in you but NOT your excuses.

So, which of these resonates most with you? Any you haven’t attempted before?

miguel vogeler